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How Long It Will Take?

Less than 30 minutes for Notarisation, if the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form.

1 – 3 days for Authentication and Verification. Prior to Legalisation, it is sometimes necessary to obtain Authentication from the Singapore Academy of Law and Verification from the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you contact us we can advise as to the cost and time these processes are likely to take.

1 – 7 days for Legalisation. Many users overseas want documents or the Notary or the applicable local process to be verified or attested or authenticated by their Embassies or Consulates or High Commisssions in or accredited to Singapore – see Legalisation. This may take on average one to seven or more days depending on the consular authority concerned.

The fees (payable to the consular authority concerned) and process for Legalisation vary. We can give you a reasonably accurate estimate of the time and cost if you contact us.

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